Brains Before Gains
for high school athletes

Head Injury Awareness for High School Athletes



Brains Before Gains is a program that gives a presentation on head injuries to high school athletes. The presentation provides information on concussions, Second Impact Syndrome, and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. We have real statistics, factual information from our Sports Medicine class, and California/National laws for the athletes. All of our information has been verified by certified health teachers, certified athletic trainers, and certified physical therapists. As athletes who were unaware of potential head injuries before our sports medicine class, we thought it would be impactful to educate athletes so they are aware of the risks and outcomes of sport-related head injuries. If you would like to see our presentation before deciding to join our program please email us at

97% of Students surveyed said that after the presentation they have a better understanding of Concussions, SIS, and CTE.


97% of students surveyed said they are more likely to report a possible concussion to an Athletic Trainer after the presentation. 


100% of students surveyed recommend that Brains Before Gains be presented to all athletes. 






In the near future we hope to spread our program to local high schools and throughout our entire county (San Luis Obispo County). Our program is currently in the process of being approved by the Paso Robles Joint Unified District Board of Trustees. Approval means we can present to every sports team at a unified meeting. Once we get approval from Paso Robles we will reach out to other health students and high schools in San Luis Obispo County. In educating athletes and peers about the severity of head injuries, we hope to increase the number of concussions reported, and reduce the life-altering effects that head injuries can have. Our program has become very moving to athletes and peers in our community and we hope to increase the movement by spreading awareness.

"It's not something to be scared of, it's something to be aware of"


"I really valued that this presentation in particular went beyond proper concussion protocol, touching more on the subject of specific impacts an untreated concussion can have on an athlete's career, and more importantly, life." 

~Sophie Prieto (Paso Robles Varsity Softball)


Q: Do you think a presentation on concussions to athletes would be beneficial?

A: “Yes I do, I think it’s important to keep the brain safe. People need to be more aware of how bad they are. I know the fact that I’ve gotten a couple of concussions will affect me more when I’m older, but I wish I knew that before my third concussion. I probably wouldn’t have continued sports if I knew how bad they were earlier. I think more awareness should be spread about it, especially in contact sports. I think people need to understand the effects."        ~Taylor Quinlin Kirk (Atascadero Varsity Women's Soccer)