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About Our Amazing Educational Tools: Athlete Cards & Coaches Pamphlets

Our athlete cards are index sized cards that provide athletes with the steps to return to play after sustaining a concussion. On the back side they have information on the given High School’s athletic trainer and contact information so that they are made readily accessible to all athletes at any moment. We hand these useful tools out to the athletes after we cover the return to play protocol in our presentation. The purpose of the card is to serve as a reminder for an athlete that there are crucial steps that need to be taken before returning to play and to make their athletic trainer accessible at any time in case they ever need or want to contact them. We’ve found that our Athlete Cards help athletes retain the information we provide and serve as a constant reminder to report any possible concussion.

We also strongly believe that coaching education is important to keep athletes safe. Coaches are also there for a refresher on their head injury training, so we provide them with Coach Pamphlets. They provide coaches with information and statistics that were possibly not aware of. The pamphlets include explanations of concussions, concussion misconceptions, and other statistics. We hand these to the coaches when we are handing the Athlete Cards out so that everyone is getting an important tool as we end our concussion section and move on to Second Impact Syndrome. The purpose of the Coach Pamphlet is to remind coaches just how important sport-related head injury awareness and how they play a key role in keeping athletes safe.

Not only are our athletes and coaches gaining extremely important knowledge that pertains to them but they also get a piece of our presentation and information to take home with them so they continue to keep themselves and other athletes safe.

Email us at for more information about joining our program, more about our handouts, or how we would customize our tools for your school!

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