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How to Create the Perfect Pitch & Proposal

To get people of authority and those who oversee the way things run intrigued and interested in your program, write an easy to understand pitch and proposal. Brains Before Gains separated the two into a slideshow presentation and a document.

Pitch: A great way to propose your idea to a group of people is through a PowerPoint; they are large, easy to see, and allow you to speak more on your idea. It should include the title of your idea, the creators, and the presenters. Introducing with your name and a little bit about yourself adds a personal touch. To create a perfect pitch you should include: a mission statement, a brief proposal, your knowledge base in the field (to provide credibility), and your professional supporters. A pitch is helpful when you are presenting your ideas to a board or commission, for example: your school administration or county health commission. The purpose of the pitch is to explain what you’re doing and what you’re goal is, you want your audience to be motivated to help you reach your goal.

Proposal: Proposals are stupendous for one-on-one conversations with whomever you would like to pitch your project to. A proposal is like a pitch presentation summed up into an official document with more detail that can be easily shared. It should include your company/program name, contact information, a brief overview, a mission statement, general goals/objectives, specific agendas for approaching whomever you are presenting to, company/program statistics, and key personnel. The purpose of a proposal is to have a hard document that provides information on your pitch; it’s easier to share and includes a lot more information than a pitch so that whomever you are proposing your idea to has all the information they need to make decisions.

How did our pitches and proposals go?: We gave our Brains Before Gains Pitch to the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees. The counsel was very eager to hear about our program and what we have to offer for PRHS. For a more personal connection, we had a meeting with Paso Robles High School’s principal, Anthony Overton, where we provided our proposal so he could have a hard-copy of what our program is all about. It allowed him to gather all the information needed to ask genuine questions and learn more about our program. Our pitch and proposal were very professional and key to our success!

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